Forestry product chain-of-custody (CoC) certification enables you to demonstrate that the wood you trade or use comes from well-managed forests or other controlled sources. From logs to lumber, to furniture and wood pulp, it is becoming increasingly important to know exactly where your materials have come from.

COC certificationallows organisations to make accurate and verifiable claims on the content of sustainably certified material and proves that each step of the supply chain from the forest to the end user has been monitored closely through independent auditing.

SAFAS uses the PEFC Chain of custody standard (View Latest Version Here)

The PEFC logo and label on a product communicates to customers that the wood or fibre has been responsibly sourced.  In order to use the PEFC logo on your products or promotional material the requirements in the SAFAS standard for logo use has to be followed.  SAFAS 8 2018 Logo use


If your organization has activities in more than one location, PEFC multi-site certification enables you to achieve PEFC chain of custody certification for all locations in one certification, without the need to certify each separate location individually.  This reduces costs and administrative burden. 

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